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Batik designs by Joy Troyer are displayed on Dyeing Arts cards.

Going out of the Card Business Sale
All packs contain 12 cards for ONLY $5

Only 3 pack designs left.  Order now before they are gone forever!

3 each of 4 designs

2 each of 6 designs


2 each of 6 designs

Purchase cards through Joy Troyer.
Click here for ordering information.

For questions, quantity discount, retailer discount, or special orders, contact Joy at joytroyer@aol.com

INDIVIDUAL CARDS are available for cards shown above at the pack price of 12 for $5.
Orders of 50 or more individual cards (same or varied designs) - $.20 per card.
SOLD OUT - Nature, Rainbow and Chalice packs.

Home Page Original Artwork Prints Events Links Contact Joy Order Info Book Unfoldings