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Looking for Truth
Meditations on the Gospels by Joy Troyer

 Joy did not write this from a love of the scriptures.  In fact, it was quite the opposite.  Her experience with the misuse of the Bible had kept her away for many years.  Now she reexamines these texts from a new perspective.  Instead of looking for answers, she looks for truth.  Joy is a Unitarian Universalist who attends Orthodox Christian services with her husband. 

In our congregation at St. Nicholas, at the beginning of Great Lent, we celebrate Forgiveness Sunday.  Each congregant faces each other congregant one at a time.  Each says, “Forgive me.”  And each responds with “God forgives.”  It is a really amazing experience.  Though we ask each person present for forgiveness, no one has to admit to a failing and no one has to say “I forgive you.”  But I face each person, wondering whether or not I’ve offended them; wondering how much forgiveness I need.  And the answer comes back the same each time.  God forgives.


I don’t know who or what God is or how God’s forgiveness works.  But I believe that we have the ability to recover from our mistakes, even those that other people fail to forgive, even those of others that I have not forgiven.  I think that we need to believe that there is forgiveness, somewhere in the universe.  Forgiveness from God that comes as a part of nature, even when we don’t know we need it.  Forgiveness that opens our eyes to the needs around us, encourages us to forgive others, heals our own wounds and allows us to grow, if only we will accept it.

                                                                                       -- Excerpt from "God Forgives" meditation


Read an entire meditation from the book.

$10.00 retail
All proceeds go to St. Nicholas Church.


This is Our Church
St. Nicholas Church
A kid-friendly Christian Orthodox Church in San Anselmo, California
by Joy Troyer

Joy walks through a typical Sunday at St. Nicholas church with her young friends, explaining the various parts of the service in terms that a child can understand and an adult can appreciate.  Full of photographs and life, this is a wonderful book for those who would like to demonstrate or understand the Orthodox services.  Joy is a Unitarian Universalist who attends Orthodox Christian services with her husband.